CAS19 For The Spirit of Nusantara

KETUA CAS19 Dr Nik Norma Nik Hasan dan sejumlah peserta seminar bersama usai presentasi.
Foto: dok USM

MEDAN, – The third Communication Academics’ Seminar 2019 (CAS19) was successfully held on 17 December 2019 at the School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang.

About 31 research papers, related to issues on communication and media in the digital age, were presented by academics, practitioners and postgraduate students from Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. Seminar’s theme on Communication and Culture in the Digital Age has attracted about 50 participants and attendees from more than 25 universities and media organizations to join this half-day event.

“The spirit of Nusantara is the main inspiration for the establishment of the seminar back in 2017. There are similar communication issues we are facing and why not we work together to achieve more. For example on haze issue that has prolonged for more than two decades. Instead of arguing about it over social media, we should think forward and use the social media to explore alternative communication solutions to it”, said Dr Nik Norma Nik Hasan, the seminar chair to Waspada Online recently.

Realizing the needs for effective collaboration, Nik curated the seminar in a way that it is small, focused and result-oriented. CAS19 provides a platform for participants and attendees to do networking based on their expertise and research interest.


Research findings too is communicated through journal publications and media in Malaysia and Indonesia to reach bigger audience and to serve for public understanding. Among interesting topics discussed at CAS19 are the future of media, how conflict, political news and health issue are mediated via social media and cultural issues on screens.

Two keynote speakers, Prof Dato’ Dr Adnan Hussein, the founding president of Malaysian Association of Communication Educators (MACE) and Dr Dadang Rahmat Hidayat, the president of Ikatan Sarjana Ilmu Komunikasi (ISKI) delivered interesting speeches on cultural practices of being digital and challenges of communicating environmental issues through new media.

A signing of MoU between MACE and ISKI was also held at the opening of CAS19. This followed by the signing of MoA between ISKI and School of Communication, Universiti Sains Malaysia Nik who is also the founding chair of CAS hopes the seminar continues to grow as an essential platform for Nusantara scholars to discuss and take actions on similar communication issues.

CAS19 is organized by Journalism Section School of Communication USM and is generously sponsored by Honorable Mr Zairil Khir Johari, the Assemblyman of Tanjung Bunga, Penang, Vistana Hotel Penang, UHotel Penang, Adinas Jaya Enterprise and Bukit Merah Orang Utan Island, Perak. It is also held in conjunction with IMPACT program, an annual event holds by School of Communication, USM for undergraduate students. (wol/aa/data3)