Eldin-Akhyar Confirm Their Victory of Medan City Election

WOL Photo/Ega Ibra

WOL – After the verdicting of Constitutional Court (MK) on a lawsuit Dispute Election Results (PHP) Election Medan which dismissed the candidate Mayor and Vice Mayor of Medan City Ramadhan Pohan-Eddie Kusuma, Dzulmi Eldin-Akhyar Nasution confirmed that they will lead Medan for five years.

Eldin-Akhyar’s winning had postponed after Ramadan-Eddie sued KPU Medan’s decision on determination of election results.

“Thank God, gratitude to Allah SWT. This election victory is as well as the people of Medan’s victory. The mandate is what we hold to build Medan Rumah Kita,” Eldin said.

At the same time, Akhyar added that after the copy of the ruling Constitutional Court, the General Election Commission (KPU) of Medan immediately set Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Medan City elected.

Law Counsel of Eldin-Akhyar (BENAR), Ikhwaluddin Simatupang, said the lawsuit of the Ramadhan-Eddie does not meet the legal standing of Article 158 of Law Number 8/2015 on elections.


Constitutional Court judges concluded that the applicant objected to the lack of voter turn-out of only 25% is not contrary to the provisions of Article 158 of Law 8/2015, as well as Article 6 PMK 1-5 / 2015.(wol/cza/data2)