Youths Never Made A Pledge on 28 October?


MEDAN, WOL – Is it true that Indonesian youth never ‘made a pledge’ on October 28, 1928? Is it just a conference of a number of youth who want to make a breakthrough in the independence movement?

Historical researchers from Medan Dr. Phil Ichwan Azhari, said the Youth Pledge which is commemorated every year by the nation did not has the documents and authentic historical evidence.

“Based on the existing data, there is never a written word the Youth Pledge and they are also did not do the oath at that time,” he said.

Based on the records and historical documents, it is known that the Youth Pledge Day is commemorated as a national event, the result of the reconstruction of the ‘founding father’ based on ideologies of different generations.

“The events of October 28, 1928, which is commemorated as Youth Pledge Day is a symbol of reconstruction deliberately formed and then after all this time the event had passed, namely the word ‘Congress’ Decision’ being said Youth Pledge,” he said.


Ichwan said, if the original text of youth congress on the October 28, 1928 were examined, there will not be found word ‘Pledge of Youth’ but ‘Congress’ Decision’.

According to him, it is done by Soekarno to give a stern warning to the mastermind behind the separatist movement that began to emerge against the unity of the Indonesian nation.

In that sense, the deflection of the word ‘Congress’ Decision’ to the word ‘Youth Pledge’ is intended and used as a weapon against the separatist ideology which otherwise violate the youth pledge in 1928.

On October 28, 1954, President Soekarno and Mohammad Yamin opened the second Indonesian Congress in Medan, and Yamin as Minister of Education and Culture in Ali Sastroamijoyo’s cabinet gave the opening speech.

At that time, Sukarno and Yamin, were building a symbol which became part of the composition of the ideology of a nation, where October 28, 1928 was choosen and it was also the word ‘Congress’ decision’ deflected into “Youth Pledge”.

Since 1954, October 28 regarded as Youth Pledge Day for the first time. “In other words, that the second Indonesian Congress in Medan in 1954 has become the beginning of the considered date of October 28, 1928 as the day of the youth pledge,” he said.

Other historical researchers Erond Damanik, saying, in essence deflection Congress’ Decision’ word into the Youth Pledge is an effort to establish a national awareness of the independence of this nation.

However, these events should not bring forth a new controversy in study of Indonesian national history that it should obtain a good description in learning the Indonesian history.(wol/cza/data1)