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Who falsified diplomas at University of Sumatera?

MEDAN, WOL – The Medan Criminal Police Unit set Marsaid Yushar PhD (63) as a suspect for publishing fake diplomas from University of Sumatera (27/5). Marsaid is the founder and president of the university, which is not listed in the Directorate General of Higher Education or Kopertis Region I North Sumatera and Aceh.

According to Medan Police Chief, Police Commissioner Nico Afinta Karo-Karo, the suspect has issued 1,200 University of Sumatera fake diplomas at a rate of Rp15 million for a bachelor’s degree to Rp40 million for a master’s degree since 2003. Police seized 1,000 print-ready diplomas and University of Sumatera brochures from the suspect’s home.

According to Nico, the police are still investigating who the users of these fake diplomas are, including alleged civil servants, public authorities and other parties. Investigators will also check the suspect’s computer files for additional data in an effort to dig deeper into this counterfeiting case.

“So many people have been deceived and the nation is affected because the quality of education will decline, “said the police chief.

Prof. Dian Armanto, Kopertis Coordinator Region 1, said University of Sumatera is an illegal institution. He confirms that the university is not registered at the Directorate General for Higher Education and Kopertis.  The university does not have the requirements to be recognized as a legal university or institution.

Dian added that they are encountering difficulties in checking the legality of the universities the suspect founded. Since 2003 he has established several private universities in a number of locations, such as in Medan Tembung sub-district, Labuhanbatu, and even Riau.

“We urge the public who are entering university to first check its qualifications at Kopertis or the Directorate General of Higher Education,” said Dian. (wol/Julia)

bahasa version Kopertis Wilayah I Pastikan Kampus University Of Sumatera Ilegal

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