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KPK Must Investigate 4,000 Corruption Reports in North Sumatra

JAKARTA, WOL – The North Sumatra DPRD (Regional House of Representatives) Commission A has asked the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to investigate and finalize corruption cases in North Sumatra. It can be assessed that corruption needs to be taken seriously by law enforcement in revealing the names of officials involved.

KPK has said there are 4,000 reports of alleged corruption in North Sumatera during 2009-2015, most of which are in Medan.

According to Sarma Hutajulu, member of Commission A, these reports should not just be made public but immediately investigated and uncover other cases in the region so that the problem becomes clear. The public wants to know the type of corruption conducted and by which official. This information is important as people are not aware what the outcomes of the investigations are and there are indications that reports made by the public to officials are not properly handled.

Sarma claims the progress of the reporting process in the region is unclear, which has set off a public demand for a KPK branch to be opened in Sumatera Utara. The KPK should intensify its investigations and preventive efforts so that state finances can be saved.

According to Zulkarnaen, Vice Head of KPK, each corruption report made to the KPK increases each year. In 2012 there were more than 6,000 cases, in 2013 more than 7,000 and in 2014 more than 8,000 cases.

He said reports should be related to the use of state budget (ABPN), regional budget (APBD), personal wealth, mining and marine. KPK’s lack of enforcement is because reports are sorted and analyzed whether it relates to state administrators, state losses and evidence. The rest is left to other law enforcement officials, including the inspectorate.

Zulkarnaen added that based on this report mapping, KPK is now more intensive in its prevention efforts. The goal is that the system and governance continues to improve. (wol/Cza)

writer: Julia Tumengkol

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