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Danau Toba Receives Lack of Attention by Central Government

MEDAN, WOL Lake Toba in North Sumatera, which was designated a strategic national area, still gets little attention by the central government.

Economic development in the area is slow although tourism and natural resources potential is high enough for Lake Toba to be deemed a destination to visit in North Sumatera.

Sahat Sidapil, from House of Representatives (DPR) Commission 5, regrets the slow implementation of Presidential Decree No. 81 Year 2014 and PP 50 Year 2011 on National Tourism Development Master Plan (RIPPARNAS) 2010-2025 in the development of Lake Toba as a National Tourism Strategic Area (KSPN).

“With both these regulations, infrastructure in the Lake Toba region can be more integrated and unified,” he said in a written statement to Waspada Online today.

According to him, the presence of these agencies will accelerate economic development and tourism. The agencies’ role is to coordinate and manage budgeting, improving the quality of human resources, preserving and maximizing the potential of Lake Toba.

Sahat said, “Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia with beautiful panorama and the potential for tourism and its natural resources are outstanding. Unfortunately, right now management of resources is not optimal, infrastructure development is concerning, economy in the community is at a low level and the number of tourists to Lake Toba hasn’t increased.”

Samosir Regent, Mangindar Simbolon and Humbahas Vice Regent, Dr. Marganti Manullang, also hopes there will be more attention paid to the area. They both represent the two areas of the 10 regions surrounding Lake Toba. (wol/ags)

writer: Julia Tumengkol

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