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Arief Yahya Claims Will Develop Lake Toba with Love

WOL – Tourism Minister Arief Yahya, expressed his love for Indonesian tourism, one of which is Lake Toba, North Sumatra.

“Do not ever doubt my love for Toba. I want to develop the Lake Toba with love,” said Arief. That is the expression that he made as government’s commitment to create ’10 new Bali’ in Indonesia.

He claimed to make Lake Toba as new Bali is not an easy job. Moreover, there has been a lot of hands and rules to manage the largest lake in Indonesia.

But he is still optimistic to make Lake Toba as a memorable tourist spot for local and foreign tourists.

The Authority Board of Lake Toba which is currently being formed, have the primary duty to share infrastructure that can not be done by the districts that were there.

“This authority will organize, make regulations that are benchmarks with similar objects that have been successful overseas,” he added.

As it is done to achieve the target of 12 million foreign tourists visit and foreign exchange of about USD 12 billion in 2016. The great ambition is considered very likely to be realized. Because, now the tourism sector is ranked fourth as foreign exchange.(wol/cza/data1)

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