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3 Boats Hit by Waves in North Sumatra

WOL – Bad weather and waves reached a height of two to three meters hit the waters in Belawan and Langkat North Sumatra and Aceh. Hence, seven fishing boats sank in Belawan, one dead and one remained missing in Langkat and Aceh.

In Belawan, three fishing boats crashed around workflow Buoy 1 Belawan, Monday (8/2).

According to the Office of Information (Dispen) Lantamal I Belawan, the accident was due to bad weather and strong winds cause waves up to three meters. The three ships crashing before it had landed in TB Beam XLV 1215.

In Langkat, three fishing boats sank in waters off flow Buoy Pulau Sembilan, District of Pangkalan Susu, Monday (8/2).

The entire third fisherman fishing boats had rescued by other fishermen who were passing in the sea.

Air Force Chief of Police Pangkalan Susu, AKP Maladirman said, big waves and strong winds caused the fishing boat sank.

In Northern Aceh, a fishing boat with a capacity of 2 GT-owned traditional fishing Seunuddon sank after being hit by a big wave in the region of Kuala Jambo Aye, North Aceh. (wol/cza/data2)

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