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28 years later, STIK-P Medan is Strong Competion

MEDAN, WOL NEWS – Since it was founded on 18 May 1987 by noted journalist Hajjah Ani Idrus, Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi Pembangunan, STIK-P (College of Communication Development) continues to prepare future communicators in the field of journalism and public relations.

In addition, graduates add to the vision and mission strength of the college as a center for education and development in communication studies in Indonesia, especially North Sumatra.

Now, 28 years later, STIK-P has been able to strive in the education world amidst strong competition from other colleges and universities. Although the campus’ distinct blue and orange building is not as grand as other campuses, the number of graduates is no less extraordinary.

STIK-P is known to produce many graduates who are ready to enter the work place. Approximately 80 percent of journalism graduates are now working in various media outlets throughout North Sumatera with some in strategic positions. PR graduates are working in reputable public and private companies.

In terms of facilities, STIK-P has several laboratories, such as a radio lab, broadcasting, and computer labs. STIK-P also offers many extracurricular activities, such as BEM, Student Activity Unit (UKM), photography, music, theater and nature lover clubs.

Also important are that the teachers are among the best practitioners in their respective fields. Among them are: Muhammad Hidayat SSos MA (former Sindo Radio), Ramdeswati Pohan SSos MSP (TV One), Suprapti Indah Putri SP MIKom (former MetroTV), Ferdy Siregar (Harian Analisa photographer}, Drs Nurhalim Tanjung MIKom (Editor at Harian Medan Bisnis), Dedi Sahputra SSos MA (Editor at Harian Waspada), and Austin Antariksa SSos MIKom (Chief Editor of Waspada Online).

They are supported by seniors like Hj Ida Tumengkol BCOMM MHum, Prof Dr H Suwardi Lubis MS, Dr Iskandar Zulkarnain MSI, and Dra Hj Nadra I Vita MSi. Other lectures include: Fakhrur Rozi SSos MIKom, Raisa Annisa Hutapea SSos MIKom, Ara Auza SSos MIKom, and Suharmansyah SSos MIKom.

“The role of communication has become increasingly important. This is where STIK-P will take a more active role to explore the development of communication and anticipate its progress over time. This will not only cover conventional media like newspapers but also advancements in online media that has become so widespread,” said Hajjah Ida Tumengkol, Chairman of STIK-P.

“Developments in information technology and communication have rapidly grown in recent years. It is important that students continually push themselves by improving their knowledge and creativity to realize their true potential. This was the vision of founder Hajjah Ani Idrus than communication will play a strategic role in the lives of the nation”, added Hajjah Ida.

Ahead of the 28th anniversary, the event committee held a “STIK-P Weekend 2015” which was open to students and the public. There were competitions in photography on the spot, live reports and news reading, story telling, and modern dance. Activities will be held on 15 and 16 May at the STIK-P campus. For further information contact Noe (085761602797), Sari (085767500801) or Eko (083 198 902 210).

At the age of 28, STIK-P hopes to continue educating in order to produce quality undergraduate who are able to face global changes and the progress in he flow of information, especially in the field of communication. (wol/Julia)

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