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Prison for Drug Detention Will Be Surrounded by Crocodiles

MEDAN, INDONESIA, WOL – National Drug Agency urged the drug offenders to stop damaging future generations of the nation. Head of the National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Commissioner General Pol Budi Waseso stated if the drug dealers are caught, they will be detained in a prison surrounded by alligators.

To carry out this penalty, the former Police Headquarters Kabareskrim, will come to a crocodile farm Asam Kumbang, District Medan Sunggal, Medan.

But his arrival is not yet known whether to see the location is suitable to serve arrest drug dealers or just ask the owner to moves those crocodiles to a pool which will be built around a prison for drug dealers.

“Clearly, if the idea is realized, it wil be a new breakthrough to deter drug dealers,” concluded AKBP Safwan Khayat.


This idea was considered as a crazy idea to combat drug cases in Indonesia. Budi Waseso had the idea to wipe out drug dealers by means consume the drug itself. It is considered a powerful way for Indonesia to be free of drugs.(wol/cza/data1)

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