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C Sulawesi designated as integrated seaweed, fishery development center

PALU - Central Sulawesi province has been designated as an integrated seaweed and fishery industry development center under the the Economic Development Acceleration Master Plan (MP3EI) launched by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono last May 27, 2011, a local fisheries official said.

"We (Central Sulawesi) have a mandate to accelerate the development of the marine and fishery sectors, primarily seaweed industry and craft as well as fishing in an integrated way," head of Central Sulawesi Marine and Fisheries Office, Hasanuddin Atjo said here Monday.

Under the MP3EI, Indonesia is divided into six regions, namely Region I (Sumatra), Region II (Java/ Bali/Nusa Tenggara), Region III (Kalimantan), Region IV (Sulawesi), Region V (Maluku) and Region VI (Papua), each with their specific superior economic potentials.

Sulawesi had a mandate in the agricultural sector as well as marine and fisheries affairs. Meanwhile, Central Sulawesi province had a mandate to develop its marine and fisheries sectors, Hasanuddin said.

"This mandate is appropriate and in accordance with the potential of the area as Central Sulawesi has now emerged as the largest seaweed producer in Indonesia. It produced nearly 800,000 tons of seaweed in 2010," he said.

Therefore, the seaweed processing industry will be encouraged with the development centers built in the gulfs of Tomini and Tolo in order to accelerate regional economic growth and welfare, both in large-scale processing and home industries.

In addition, the fishing effort at sea in an integrated manner will also be given serious attention to increasing the foreign exchange earnings and welfare of the fishermen.

According to Hasanuddin, to carry out the MP3EI mandates, Central Sulawesi province needs the supporting infrastructures for the development of seaweed industry such as electricity and clean water that can attract the investors as well as finance accessibility for the households which want to develop a seaweed craft business.

While in the integrated fishing sector, Central Sulawesi needs such supporting facilities and infrastructures as fishing port and ice plant, he said.

For that, Central Sulawesi Marine and Fisheries Office is constructing Outer Ring Fishing Port in Ogotua, Tolitoli district because the area is geographically located in the area which is directly adjacent to the outer islands to Malaysia (Ambalat region).

The Ogotua fishery port construction started in 2009 with the identification of the location, then in 2010 made its feasibility study and land acquisition of about six hectares. Finally, in 2011 it is entered the process of preparing the detailed design and strategic environmental assessment, which all financed by Central Sulawesi provincial budget.

"In 2012 it is expected to begin with the physical development with the support of state budget funds. The facility expected to be available in this port area are ​offices, house for the director and employees, dock, fish auction place, workshops, material and fishing equipment vendors, meeting place for fishermen, ice factory, fish stalls yard and oil fuel depot," Hasanuddin explained.


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