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Fifty years needed to bring population growth to zero

SURABAYA, E JAVA - The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) said it would need some 50 years to bring the country's population to zero growth.

"We will need at least two generations or about 50 years to bring the population growth to zero," BKKBN Deputy for population Ida Bagus Permana said here on Friday.

Based on the 2010 census the Indonesian population growth was recorded at 1.9 percent. Even, the population growth did not reach the target.

The Central Board of Statistics (BPS), based on its 2000 census, put an estimate that the number of Indonesia's population was to reach 234 million in 2010. However, based on its 2010 census, the number of population exceeded the estimate or reached 237 million.

"The national target has been missed because BKKBN over the last 10 years did not get attention from the government," he said.

At present BKKBN is doing its best to offset the population growth because the United Nations has projected that Indonesia's population in 2025 would reach 270 million.

Permana said it was not easy for a developing country to bring down its population growth to zero percent.

Even, China which is now imposing a policy of one family one child could not yet be able to reduce its population growth.

"This is because China, like Indonesia, is still dominated by people who are in the productive age, unlike in developed nations where the number senior citizens is dominant," he added.


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