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Minister: Jakarta East Flood Canal accomplished in 2011

JAKARTA - The Jakarta East Flood Canal is expected to be competed fully in 2010, according to Public Works Minister Djoko Kirmanto.

The minister visited the East Flood Canal (BKT) in eastern Jakarta Tuesday to plant rain (Samanea saman) trees or locally called "trembesi",  along the canal.

"With the current global warming, the tasks of the Public Works Ministry is not only building infrastructure but also focusing on green infrastructure," the minister said Tuesday (Nov.30).

The green infrastructure should last not only one or two years, but forever, he stated.

No land should be left wasted, he said, adding that it should be planted with trees.

Head of the Ciliwung Cisadane management agency Vitorius Subandrio said that a total of 8000 trees have been planted so far.

"We have the same commitment to making this country green. And we hope that the program is not only the government's one, but the whole nation's program," Subandrio said.

Construction of the 23.5-kilometer East Flood Canal began in 2003. The canal started to operate in late 2009 after it reached the Java Sea, linking five major waterways in East Jakarta: the Cipinang, Sunter, Buaran, Jati Kramat and Cakung rivers.

According to Djoko Kirmanto, the East Flood Canal was not a government project, but a national project.

He also hoped that the East Flood Canal could become a public tourist spot.

"In the future, BKT could become a rowing sport venue covering two kilometers long," he said.


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