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Femina Chief Editor Teaches Students to be Creative

MEDAN, WOL – Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi “Pembangunan” (STIK-P) or College of Communication Development held a talk show with Editor in Chief of Femina Magazine, Petty S Fatimah, to discuss “how to make creative events” in Medan on Friday (29/5).

During the talk show, Petty, who has a vast experience in events and the communication field, gave an overview of the event world to students of STIK-P Medan.

“Producing events is quite easy but it depends on how we organize it because managing events requires many tips, for instance, the planning stage. Planning is an important part because prior to the start of any event we have to plan each step before we can move to the next level, such as preparation and concept. We have to know what needs to happen in the running of the event. In addition to preparation, the committee should think about the concept, location and funding,” said Petty.

“We must apply this in ourselves as a mission when making an event and to be creative as it is also an important element to making an attractive and successful event. Creativity is in everyone and when we explore our creative side we can then convey it to others,” added Petty.

Petty also said, we also have to understand than if we run an event and it happens to fail, we don’t give up because life goes on. A creative person is one who never gives up. (wol/data1)


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